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World Bank YPP

World Bank Young Professionals Program 2018-2019: Overview

Do you have a passion for international development ? Do you dream about working for the World Bank Group? The World Bank Young Professionals Program (better known as the World Bank YPP) is the Bank’s most important and prestigious selection process and professional development program.

The World Bank YPP selects highly qualified and motivated people around the world to work in the Bank’s various areas of activity (the environment, engineering, finance, public health, education, economics, urban planning, agriculture, social sciences and natural resources, among others), both in technical and managerial positions

The World Bank YPP is a highly competitive selection process. Approximately 6,000 people apply every year for the World Bank YPP but only around 45 are recruited.

Some of the minimum criteria for the program are: citizenship of a World Bank Group member country; maximum age limit of 32; being fluent in English; holding a Master’s or Doctorate (PhD)  degree and relevant work experience.

The World Bank YPP comprises four rounds:

  •  The first round involves completing the online WB YPP program application form and also sending documents through the World Bank YPP system. The selection team carries out the initial process to check whether the candidates fully meet the minimum eligibility requirements and select those who will take part in the second round.
  • If approved for the second round, the candidate should send a copy of their passport and three letters of recommendation. These documents, along with those sent in the first round, will be submitted to a technical review, carried out by specialists in the candidates’ areas of expertise.
  • The third round is a face-to-face selection stage and involves an assessment center and individual interview. At this stage, the WB YPP team undertakes an in-depth analysis of the candidates’ technical abilities and behavior.
  • The fourth round is the final stage of the selection process. In this phase, the candidates who were selected in the previous round (usually about 60) are referred for review by the vice-presidents who then make the final selection by matching the Bank’s current needs with the different candidate profiles.

When selected, the young professional in the program joins a cohort which takes part in a comprehensive, two-year talent development program, which includes professional experience, trips, training and mentoring and coaching programs. The World Bank YPP experience will be a distinctive feature in your curriculum, which may facilitate your future career inside or outside the UN System.

The young professionals are assigned to the World Bank Group’s technical and operations units, at the World Bank’s head office in Washington D.C. (USA).

The following are offered to them:

  • a five-year renewable term contract
  • an annual net salary that ranges from US$82,000.00 to US$150,800.00 (depending on the employee’s professional experience, academic qualifications, skills and technical knowledge)
  • benefits which total US$ 58,865.00 per year (including medical, life and invalidity insurance; severance benefits and other non-salary benefits).
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World Bank YPP: 8 reasons to apply

If you are considering applying for the World Bank YPP, you may be wondering: What are the main advantages of this entrance program? We assure you there are many advantages to entering the World Bank Group through this process. We have highlighted eight for you:

1) The World Bank YPP is acknowledged throughout the World Bank, which paves the way for major opportunities;

2) The possibility of working in various areas in the Bank, in line with the program’s rotation system;

3) Existence of a comprehensive curriculum development program with training, trips, professional development, coaching and mentoring;

4) Join a cohort of talented young professionals who come from a wide range of countries around the world, with different origins but the same passion for development;

5) The young people from the World Bank YPP usually have excellent careers at the Bank, reaching high-level positions at the organization;

6) Be part of YPP and former-YPP networks, which mutually assist each other;

7) Have a global career with a global reach;

8) Work in close collaboration with governments, non-governmental organizations and other international organizations to develop policies which improve people’s lives around the world.

Getting prepared for the World Bank YPP  

In order to be successful in the World Bank YPP, it is essential to meet all the program’s minimum requirements.

But that is not all. It is very important that you are properly prepared. In pursuit of its mission, the OpenIGO network has developed two initiatives to address these issues:

1 – We have created the most comprehensive website on the World Bank Young Professionals Program.

A wide range of information is available on this website, regarding both the selection process and a career as a young professional. The first step for anyone who would like to apply is having a solid knowledge of the program’s characteristics.

Candidates need to know about the different selection process phases; be sure that they meet the minimum application requirements; and be interested in the two-year development program in which they will take part, if appointed, as well as the features of the assignment which will be offered to them.

This website is divided into six main sections:

  • Minimum requirements– provides a thorough explanation of the World Bank YPP’s minimum requirement regarding such as age limit, qualifications, specializations and much more;
  • Selection Process– provides a detailed explanation of the different World Bank YPP rounds and gives valuable recommendations on how to prepare for each of them;
  • Program features– presents the World Bank YPP curriculum development program, which takes place in the first two years of the contract and is divided into four key areas:  I) professional experience; II) field trips; III) training and IV) coaching and mentoring.
  • Assignment Features– provides important information about the characteristics of a young professional’s employment contract, such as the work location, type of appointment, hierarchical level, salary and benefits;
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions)– we have prepared FAQs with more than 100 questions and answers on the World Bank YPP;
  • Online magazine– We frequently publish articles of interest to World Bank YPP candidates.

OpenIGO hopes that this website will be of great assistance during the World Bank YPP selection process and that you will soon become an international civil servant who is committed to a better world for everyone.

2 – We have prepared a comprehensive eBook and support and guidance services with the aim of highly increasing your chances of success in this competitive process.

Our comprehensive eBook will introduce you to the complex world of the World Bank Group and its approach towards international development; it will teach you how to prepare each of the documents required in detail, and will also get you ready for the interview and assessment center.

It does not matter whether you intend to apply this year or in five years’ time, it will enable you to strategically develop your career and equip you for each of the World Bank YPP selection phases.

This eBook was written and revised by a team of professors, human resources specialists and intergovernmental organization staff with a great deal of diligence. It is divided into 12 (twelve) chapters and one attachment, and contains more than 190 pages.

In addition, we have developed support and guidance services (store). These services include revising your WB YPP application documents (essay, curriculum vitae and thesis/dissertation short summaries) and a mock interview as per the World Bank YPP model.

We will help you get prepared for this competitive selection process!

See also our material on the World Bank Paid Internship 2018/2019.

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