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World Bank Jobs - 5 checkpoints when writing your Cover Letter

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World Bank Jobs - 5 checkpoints when writing your Cover Letter

July 13, 2020

In this article, 5 checkpoints have been listed for you to pay special attention to when writing and revising your cover letter. Make sure to go through all of them prior to submitting your final version! As part of the application process of most job opportunities, candidates are usually required to submit a cover letter. So, disorganized and badly-prepared Cover Letters may leave a negative impression on the assessor. On the other hand, organized and aesthetically appealing Cover Letters may attract the assessor’s attention!

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So, here are the 5 checkpoints for your Cover Letter.

1. Language

As far as “language” is concerned, here is a list of aspects you should pay attention to:

  • Avoid clichés, idioms and outdated language;
  • Beware of errors in grammar, use of verb tense, and punctuation. Show that you have an understanding of the language’s basic rules. If possible, use a spell checker or have a proofreader analyze your content when you’ve finished writing your cover letter;
  • Give preference to writing out the full names of organizations, positions and people;
  • Remember to use the first person singular to describe your personal accomplishments and achievements;
  • Do not use words and expressions without being sure of their meaning. Although it is important to have an extensive vocabulary, it is a mistake to think that you should misuse elaborate words which are hard to understand;

2. Brainstorm and define a theme for cover letter

Start to prepare your cover letter by brainstorming, which could be done by answering all the questions listed in the article 11 questions to guide you when writing your Cover Letter. Based on these answers, think of a “theme” to guide writing this document. This theme refers to the way you wish to project yourself to the organization.

3. Be careful of your emotional state

Your emotional state may have a direct impact on the quality of your text. Therefore, negative feelings should be avoided, such as anxiety, stress and lack of confidence. Calm and focus should be maintained before you start. The practice of relaxing activities (such as yoga, meditation, listening to music or practicing physical exercise) is also recommended before writing, in order to stimulate your creativity.

4. Be yourself

Just because you are telling a story, you should not invent facts about yourself. Never lie. Remember that facts presented in a document can be checked during the selection process and the recruiters also have extensive experience and are able to easily recognize facts that are not true. Therefore, if you are not honest, as well as not being selected, your reputation will be tarnished.

5. Quantify your story

If possible, present numbers in your statement of interest to make your story more concrete. There is nothing better than numbers to install confidence in the information you present. Quantify the results achieved from your actions in order to help the recruiter gain a better idea of the scale of your impact.

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