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World Bank Jobs - 11 questions to guide you when writing your Cover Letter

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World Bank Jobs - 11 questions to guide you when writing your Cover Letter

July 13, 2020

As part of the application process of most job opportunities, candidates are usually required to submit a cover letter. The main goal of this document is to give candidates a chance to introduce themselves and explain their motivation in applying to the organization, such as the World Bank Group.

As the name suggests, a cover letter serves as a “cover” for the documents you submit for a job application. It should provide a summary of a candidate’s skills, professional experience, and qualifications that meet the needs of a job opening, emphasizing why the candidate should be selected. Cover letters are usually seen as a personal marketing tool.

Choosing what to write in your cover letter can be a challenging task, especially if you have experienced multiple and diverse professional/academical engagements throughout the years. First of all, keep in mind that recruiters are primarily looking to read information that gives them a clear perception of the benefits you can offer the organization, if selected, and the ways in which you intend to help it to solve problems.

To help you with that here are 11 questions to guide you when writing you Cover Letter:

  1. Why are you looking to dedicate yourself to working with the World Bank?
  2. Why are you suited to being a World Bank employee?
  3. How would you contribute to the World Bank and the achievement of the institution main goals?
  4. What is your university academic background? How does it relate to your desire to work with the WB?
  5. What professional experience do you have that qualifies you to become a WB Staff Member? This also includes internships and voluntary work in the area for which you are applying.
  6. What have you learned from your professional experience? Which skills have you developed?
  7. What are your specific skills (knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and values)? How will they help the organization to achieve its objectives?
  8. What contributions to your personal, professional, and academic life do you expect from the World Bank, once you are assigned a position?
  9. Which additional skills do you plan to develop when working with the organization?
  10. Aside from work and education, what are your interests, hobbies and habits?
  11. What type of person are you? Which aspects of your life/character should they know about? What is unique about you? Why should this matter to the World Bank recruiting team?

In pursuit of its mission, OpenIGO has prepared support and guidance services, with the aim of highly increasing your chances of success in these competitive selection processes. These services include revising your WBG application documents (curriculum vitae/resume and cover letter) and a mock interview, as per the WBG model. We also offer a range of packages that combine our eBook with different services.

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