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African Development Bank YPP Essential Package

R$1.366,12 R$1.256,74

The AfDB YPP Package includes:

Application Review of the documents required by the AfDB YPP selection process (CV/Resume and Cover Letter) + Mock Interview for the AfDB YPP selection process.

It is our most comprehensive package – it was designed to those who want to qualify themselves for all the different rounds of the AfDB YPP selection process! A description of each product and service included in this package is provided on the side. The total value saved is around US$ 30,00.

This package includes the following services and products: Quantity

African Development Bank YPP Application Review

Our award-winning team, specialized in the African Development Bank YPP, will carry out proofreading and a technical review of the different documents you need to submit during the selection process (curriculum vitae; cover letter and the application essay) enormously increasing your chances of being selected!


African Development Bank YPP Mock Interview

The AfDB YPP interview combines different interview models - mainly the traditional interview and the technical interview. It can also be expected behavioral-event questions. Our specialists will help you better understand this interview through a mock interview, qualifying you for this important phase and greatly increasing your chances of being selected.

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