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UN Paid Internships: 19 United Nations Paid Internships!

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UN Paid Internships: 19 United Nations Paid Internships!

May 29, 2020

UN Paid InternshipsPaid UN Internships

This may be the topic that arouses your interest and for good reason, since there are very few people who are able to spend months dedicating themselves to an unpaid internship. Many people wrongly believe there are no paid internships in the UN System. However, there are various organizations that belong to the UN System that offer stipends or some type of assistance. Obviously, you will not have a luxurious life as an intern but some of the programs provide sufficient and satisfactory living conditions for you to have this experience.

In this sense, the UN Internship Programs seek candidates interested in a highly diversified and multicultural work environment conducive to the development of their skills. The UN internships application process is a great opportunity for those interested in building an international career in the institution.

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1) UN Paid Internships

a) 19 UN Paid Internships

Among the main UN internship programs, approximately 19 offer payment or assistance to their interns. Some agencies, such as UNICEF, may offer both paid and unpaid vacancies. The average sum offered for unicef paid internships is between USD 1,000 and USD 1,300 per month.

The following tables summarize the information on the main UN Paid internships and Non-Paid Internships, presenting the differences in payment within the organizations. The sums presented are estimates.

FAOUp to USD 700/month
IAEALiving Allowance = €500
Housing Allowance = €500
IFCBetween USD 26 and USD 32/hour.
IFADBetween USD 678 and USD 734/month
IMFUp to USD 5,000/month
IOMAssistance of between 500 and 1,500 CHF/month (Switzerland).
CTBTOLiving Allowance = €500
Housing Allowance = €500
UNOPSBetween USD 770 and USD 850/month
WFPUp to USD 1,000/month
UPUBetween 960 and 1,000 euro/month
WBBetween USD 20 and USD 30/hour
WIPOBetween 500 and 2,000 CHF/month.
WTO60 CHF/day or 1,200 CHF/month.
GAVI ALLIANCEBetween USD 11 and USD 13/hour.
Local transportation and lunch.
ICC€400/month or 1,550 CHF/month (Switzerland).
UNICEFBetween USD 1,000 and USD 1,300/month.
ILO2,245 CHF/month (Switzerland)
Between USD 12 and USD 13/hour (USA)

b) World Bank and IMF Internships: Highest remuneration among the UN Paid Internships!

The World Bank and IMF Internships are among the programs with the best payments. The World Bank Group pays between USD 20 and USD 30 per hour. Considering that the interns at this organization work on a full-time basis (up to 40 hours per week), the monthly payment varies between USD 3,200 and USD 4,800.

In turn, the IMF offers their interns up to USD 5,000 per month, and may pay for the travel costs (return) from the applicant`s home country to the Fund`s headquarters in Washington D.C. However, these sums may be adjusted according to various factors, such as the candidate`s educational background, work experience, and differences in working hours.

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c) Payment Currency

The payment offered by the varying programs can also be divided into categories. This is the case of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which offers €500 for housing expenses and an additional €500 for general living expenses. Other agencies offer assistance that only covers basic living costs. This is the case of Gavi Alliance, a UN partnership, which focuses on vaccinating vulnerable groups in underprivileged nations that offers between USD 11 and USD 12 per hour to assist with travel and food expenses.

Most UN organizations pay in US dollars or euros, but this may vary according to the location of the internship. For example, the International Labour Organization (Geneva) offers approximately 2,245 CHF (Swiss francs) to selected interns.

It should be emphasized that many organizations only award payment/assistance to interns who prove that they do not receive any type of assistance from private entities, public institutions or the governments of their respective countries.

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