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The goal of the WIPO’s internship is to provide knowledge to those selected in order to help them in their professional careers, by carrying out activities and projects relevant to the organization’s mission, which is to create an effective international intellectual property system that generates positive results for the development of nations. Internship at WIPO is a great opportunity for those looking for an environment of innovation, creativity and dynamism.


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WIPO Overview

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a United Nations agency specializing in intellectual property services, by providing information about the topic, helping in the development of regulations, among other activities. The organization’s main mission is to generate an effective international system of intellectual property (IP), capable of achieving results in terms of economic, social and cultural development. Currently, WIPO has 193 Member States.

WIPO’s main focus: Building an effective international system for the regulation of intellectual property rights.

Themes addressed by the WIPO:

  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Industrial Designs
  • Geographical Indications

Description of the WIPO Internship

What are the fields of study required for the WIPO Internship?

This internship program includes students and recent graduates from the most diverse fields of knowledge. The areas of study with the highest demand in this program are:

  • Law
  • Science and Technology
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Economics
  • Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Translation
  • International Relations

What are the tasks performed by the selected for the WIPO Internship?

The activities performed vary according to the opening and the requirements of the different departments to which interns are allocated. However, generally speaking, the main duties are:

  • Provide support in administrative and operational activities;
  • Carry out research, collect and analyse data about themes relevant to the agency’s work;
  • Contribute to the implementation of important projects;
  • Draft reports and other types of documents;
  • Take part in training and events with other members of the agency.

What is the duration of the WIPO Internship?

The internship period ranges from at least 2 months to up to 6 months at most.

What is the weekly workload of the WIPO Internship?

The internship programs are full-time. Interns shall therefore work between 35 and 40 hours per week.

Where are the locations of the WIPO Internship?

The main offices and departments are located in Geneva (Switzerland), but there are some other offices around the world.

When does the WIPO Internship start?

The initial date of the internship shall be coordinated between the intern and the organization.

Is there any feedback following the completion of the WIPO Internship?

At the end of the internship, the supervisor is in charge of preparing an assessment report of the intern’s performance.

Subsequent employment:

Participation in the internship is not related to future employment with the agency. During the internship period and within three months immediately after the program you will not be eligible to apply for or be appointed to any effective position. However, the work experience in the agency will be a distinctive feature in your curriculum, which may facilitate your hiring by other organizations inside or outside the UN System.

WIPO Internship - Salary

Payment is divided into 2 categories:

Category 1: Students or holders of a first-level degree as well as students pursuing an advanced degree will receive a 1,570 CHF (Swiss Franc) monthly stipend, including a local transportation allowance of 70 CHF (Swiss Franc);

Category 2: Holders of an advanced degree or graduate students that have completed their coursework, but not the thesis will receive a 2,070 CHF (Swiss Franc) monthly stipend, including a local transportation allowance of 70 CHF (Swiss Franc).

WIPO Internship - Requirements

What is the education requirement of the WIPO Internship Program?

  • Be enrolled in a graduate school program (Master’s or PhD), or;
  • Have graduated from an undergraduate or graduate course in the last 24 months.

What is the language requirement of the WIPO Internship Program?

Candidates must have proficiency in English and/or French; Knowledge of another WIPO official language (Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish) will be an advantage in the selection process.

What is the age requirement of the WIPO Internship Program?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of enrollment.

What is the nationality requirement of the WIPO Internship Program?

Applicants must be citizens of a WIPO member state.

What are the competencies required for the WIPO Internship Program?

The main competencies required are:

  • Analytical skills;
  • Teamwork skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Proficiency in the use of conventional technological tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other relevant software).

Other requirements:

Most internships require no work experience. However, previous experiences may be an advantage in the selection process.

Since January 2019, WIPO has established 3 additional internship slots open exclusively to nationals of unrepresented member states.

What are the restrictions of the WIPO Internship Program?

  • Candidates must not have any kinship with other employees at United Nations;
  • All information not officially published by WIPO and seen by the interns during their internship must remain confidential. That includes reports, documents, articles, publications and other types of content.
  • WIPO will have property rights to any of the productions made by the interns during the duration of their work.
  • Interns will not have the benefits that WIPO’s full-time employees have and they do not represent the agency officially.
  • The internship contract can be revoked at any time on the behalf of the agency; however, the student will receive a 10 days notice.

WIPO Internship - Application process

When to apply for the WIPO Internship Program?

Application deadlines vary depending on the openings and the needs of the organization. Therefore, it is important to search for internship opportunities on our website and social media platforms.

How to apply for the WIPO Internship Program?

The internship application process is done via the WIPO E-recruitment System, where all openings are published, and comprises the following steps:

  1. Initial registration;
  2. Filling out the candidate profile (academic and professional background);
  3. Search for an opening in your field of interest;
  4. Filling out the application form;
  5. Submit the application.

What are the phases of the selection process for the WIPO Internship Program?

The selection process may vary depending on the department or office to which the intern is applying, but generally comprises the following steps:

  1. Creating a profile and preparing an application;
  2. Submitting the application;
  3. Evaluation of the application;
  4. Competency-based interview;
  5. Selection notifications.

How is the WIPO Internship Program interview?

Usually, only selected applicants will be contacted for the interview, which lasts about 30 minutes and may be done via Skype or phone. The main points covered in the interview vary according to the opening and department chosen. In general, however, the questions address subjective or behavioral aspects, such as your expectations about the job, your interests in the area of expertise you are applying for and your previous experiences.

What are the documents to submit for the WIPO Internship Program?

The application process also requires you to submit your CV and Cover Letter through the online system. It is important that in your Cover Letter you define your area of interest. Applicants with a better level of specificity have an advantage in the selection process at WIPO.

What is the evaluation criteria of the WIPO Internship Program?

You will be evaluated regarding your previous experience, skills and competencies, and educational background.

Other information:

It is important to submit your application in advance. Internship openings at UN Careers are removed from the portal at midnight of the deadline, New York time (GMT-5). You will not be able to modify your application after submission.

WIPO Internship - Costs

The agency offers no financial aid to cover costs related to preparing for or doing the internship. However, you may request financial aid from a sponsoring institution, for example, a university and/or government agency in your country.


You or your sponsoring institution will be responsible for the costs and arrangements of obtaining the visa (if needed to do the internship).


WIPO offers insurance that covers the health and potential accidents of their interns. Such insurance does not include maternity benefits, nor does it cover any family member of the intern.


You or your sponsoring institution will be responsible for accommodation expenses during the internship period.


You or your sponsoring institution will be responsible for the costs and arrangements of the trip to the workplace to which you have been assigned.

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