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World Bank YPP: 8 reasons to apply

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World Bank YPP: 8 reasons to apply

April 23, 2018

If you are considering applying for the World Bank YPP, you may be wondering: What are the main advantages and benefits of this entrance program?

We assure you there are many advantages to entering the World Bank Group through this process.We’ve highlighted eight for you:

1) The program’s reputation is acknowledged throughout the World Bank, which paves the way for major opportunities;

2) The possibility of working in various areas in the Bank, in line with the program’s rotation system;

3) Existence of a comprehensive curriculum development program with training, trips, professional development, coaching and mentoring;

4) Join a cohort of talented young professionals who come from a wide range of countries around the world, with different origins but the same passion for development;

5) The young people from the YPP usually have excellent careers at the Bank, reaching high-level positions at the organization;

6) Being part of YPP and former-YPP networks, which mutually assist each other;

7) Having a global career with a global reach;

8) Working in close collaboration with governments, non-governmental organizations and other international organizations to develop policies which improve people’s lives around the world.

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