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World Bank Research Activities and YPP

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World Bank Research Activities and YPP

April 23, 2018
Research Activities

World Bank Research Activities

Many who apply for the WB YPP have a doctorate (PhD) and, therefore, a research background. As a result, the following question is commonplace: Is a young professional required to have research activities as one of their attributes?

A YP’s work exercises essentially focus on executing operations for WBG clients. Thus, a YP’s work routine involves activities which seek to support identifying, formulating, evaluating and supervising international development policies and projects. Therefore, generally speaking, YPs do not perform intensive research work specifically for publication, since they are directly linked to the organization’s technical and operations areas.

However, it is emphasized that this does not mean that there is no research and knowledge production within the WBG. On the contrary, if you are interested in research activities, it is very likely that you will find this opportunity at the Bank during your professional career, even in its beginning, since there are activities that demand greater analytical skills

For those who are looking for a career which principally focuses on research, the Development Economics Group (DEC) is the branch of the World Bank which performs this function. Recruitment for this area is carried out separately from the WB YPP.

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