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The World Bank Grade Structure

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The World Bank Grade Structure

April 23, 2018

The World Bank grade structure is formed by 10 grade levels. As demonstrated in the figure below, each professional level uses the initial G (for grade), followed by a letter, ranging from A to J, representing the different levels of responsibility, skills and requirements. 

World Bank Grade Structure

The figure also illustrates the three types of career streams in the World Bank Group:

  • Administrative: These are roles which support the Bank’s operations. They include positions, such as, Office Assistant, Office Manager and Executive Assistant, etc. The grade levels range from GA to GD.
  • Professional and Technical: Roles which focus on technical knowledge and experience. The grade levels GA–GD of this career stream usually require a bachelor’s degree and two to three years’ professional experience. From GE level upwards, a Master’s qualification or doctorate and five years’ relevant professional experience are required.
  • Managerial: The Bank’s managers are responsible for everyday team management, work schedules and budgets. The Bank’s managers provide the leadership, vision and a suitable environment, so that the team can fulfill the Bank’s mission with passion and professionalism. The grade levels in this career stream range from GH to GJ. Typical jobs in this stream are: Sector Manager, Sector Director, Country Manager, Country Director, Senior Advisor and Vice President, etc.

Young professionals (YPs) enter the World Bank Group in the “Professional and Technical” stream, at grade level GF. YPs usually have successful careers at the World Bank Group, with many attaining top management roles. Opportunities for professional growth are one of this program’s main differentiating factors.

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