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IFC YPP Interview Questions: How to Prepare Yourself in Advance?

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IFC YPP Interview Questions: How to Prepare Yourself in Advance?

June 1, 2021

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IFC Interview Questions

This easy guide presents valuable information on the IFC YPP interview questions

The last stage of the IFC track selection process is a final interview with the IFC recruiting panel. The candidates invited for this phase will receive an e-mail asking them to provide 3 preferences for the interview day from a group of available time slots. After that, the interview team will send a confirmation with the final interview date and time.

The IFC interview questions are similar to the ones asked on the digital interview, combining behavioral and technical questions.

For the digital interview, candidates can expect a set of 06 questions – a mix of competency-based and technical questions! You could be asked to provide your view on how to approach a given development topic, for example. Read these testimonials given by actual candidates:

We were asked to record answers for a set of 6 questions. Half of those were behavioral questions and the rest strategic i.e. providing our view on how to approach a development topic of choice.”

“The video interview asked only very plain six traditional questions (for example, something like ‘why IFC, why me’ or ‘tell me about your teamwork experience’).”

For the Final Panel Interview, however, expect higher-level technical questions! Nevertheless, keep in mind that in a synchronic interview with real recruiters, other aspects of the candidate might be evaluated, such as posture, intonation, level of stress, among others. Therefore, we highly recommend that you follow the suggestions presented on the Chapter 7, Section 5 – Long Distance Interview of our eBook. 

The World Bank Group YPP – The Essential Guide (eBook)

We have gathered real testimonials of candidates who have faced the IFC interview process so as to give you an inside glance of this stage of the selection process. The following box also includes information collected from the website Glassdoor which preserves the confidentiality of the users. (Note that we have an exclusive topic on Behavioral Event Interview. For specific examples of BEI questions read the Chapter 7, Section 4 – Preparing for the Behavioral Event Interview of our excellent eBook.

General impressions about the IFC YPP Interview Questions

Candidate 1

“First off, they asked at least 5 questions related to their annual report – how much the IFC disbursed last year, the split between what they did for their own account as well as the sums that they mobilized from third parties and the size of their balance sheet. They also asked for a succinct explanation of Upstream and Cascade, both of which are covered in some detail in the Annual Report.”

Candidate 2

“On the technical side of things, they asked about current ratios and debt/EBITDA – very high-level questions. I believe they’re more interested in how one thinks about some of these ratios rather than on whether you know them. So for example, they asked how I’d choose between two companies that have similar debt/EBITDA ratios.”


Candidate 3

“In the BEI section, they asked how I’d deal with a racist team member, negative feedback I’ve received and how I dealt with it as well as an investment I’ve made that did not go well and how I responded to that.”

20 Examples of  IFC YPP Interview Questions (Technical)

1.     What is regulatory capital and how do you calculate it?

2.     When analyzing a new investment proposal, what do you look out for?

3.     What instruments did you work with (debt, equity, guarantees)?

4.     What is regulatory capital and how do you calculate it

5.     What is your experience in microfinance?

6.     What are the key challenges wrong with the financial industry in your Country?

7.     Which would be the best investment structure for the IFC to invest in a hypothetical foreign project: debt or equity?

8.     Explain your current investment portfolio, size, tranching, instruments, currencies, benchmarks.

9.     How do you calculate Value at Risk (VaR)?

10.  Could you explain this financial cash flow?

11.  If you want to buy a bond, what would you look out for?

12.  What economic indicators do you typically look at when making an investment recommendation?

13.  What is the difference between corporate finance and project finance?

14.  Which factors do you think should an investor prepare for when investing in an Emerging Market?

15.  Tell us about your past experience about climate finance

16.  What is the whole process from start to finish of doing a strategic asset allocation?

17.  If IFC issues a USD bond but is going to disburse it in Bangladesh Taka (BDT), what is the typical analysis you would do (key concerns)?

18.  What is the shape of this curve? When would it be negatively shaped?

19.  Tell us what is tranching?

20.  Calculate the EBITDA margin for this business.    

As the selection process moves forward, our team will keep you updated on the particularities of each track of the WBG YPP! Make sure to follow us at: @uninternships and @openigonetwork. We are regularly posting updates and tips on the YPP selection process.

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