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6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Help Interns Excel at Zoom Interviews

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6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Help Interns Excel at Zoom Interviews

January 5, 2021

by Patrick Young from

With the hiring process becoming more technological, video interviews are becoming more and more frequent. Even before the coronavirus global pandemic, many internship interviews occurred via Zoom as opposed to the actual office. Interviewers can review more candidates and in a shorter period of time. But interns also benefit — you can spend less on attire and do not have to travel long distances or even internationally for an interview.

Interns have a lot of questions when it comes to what to expect in their video interviews. We prepared this detailed list of seven budget-friendly ways interns can secure success in their zoom interviews.

1. Do your research

Do your homework and find out as much about the organization as you can. Start with the organization’s website and familiarize yourself with their mission statement. This is their ultimate goal and you should attempt to tie all your answers back to it. Also, take the time to learn about their current activities and initiatives. Recent statistics show that most interviewers agree that the ideal candidate is one who shows a real interest in achieving the mission. You don’t need to pay for any detailed information — a simple Google search or a company’s “About Us” web page will do.

2. Dress for an in-person interview

Even if your Zoom interview only captures your face and background, still dress as if you are walking through the front door. Since the camera will be primarily on your face, you’ll want to practice your facial expressions and body language. Practice in front of your computer — look directly into the camera to give the appearance of making eye contact.

3. Ask good questions

Think about some helpful and insightful questions you can ask during the interview – OpenIGO’s eBooks provide sample questions in their Interview-dedicated chapters which you might find quite helpful! This shows that you have spent time really considering how the internship will impact your career goals and whether or not it is the right opportunity for you. Ask about the workplace culture, the main expectations, and priority projects.

You can also ask about what kinds of jobs interns move on to after their experience here. Perhaps think about asking the interviewer why they enjoy working at this place. Avoid asking about pay or benefits in the first initial interviews — wait until you have one-on-one time with the hiring manager.

4. Avoid reading off your computer screen

Because your interviewers cannot see your surroundings, you may be tempted to write potential answers on your computer screen. But that is more obvious and less engaging than you might think. It’s a good idea to prepare and practice your answers ahead of time and even jot down a few notes. But you can really put off an interviewer if you sound robotic reading from a script.

5. Test your computer and internet speeds

As benign as this may seem, it’s crucial you check your computer and internet speed in advance. Make sure your computer is on its most recent update and run a test video chat before your interview to confirm all systems go. Make sure your computer is plugged in and is fully charged. If your internet is slow, don’t think you have to break the bank for an upgrade. Instead, you can just need to purchase an ethernet cable (typically less than $10) to connect your computer to your router. This will give you the most stable connection for your video call.

6. Consider your surroundings

Remember that what’s behind you will be visible when you are on screen. You want the interviewer to concentrate on you, not be distracted by a disorganized background. For the budget-conscious, you don’t need to stage a whole new area or buy an expensive backdrop. A simple solid color wall, especially white, and a green plant will do. While many people use Zoom backgrounds, you may want to avoid that in an interview as they can also be even more distracting than what you are trying to hide.

Hundreds (if not thousands) of interns submit applications for open positions. If you make it to the interview, you need to really shine. OpenIGO offers resources like ebooks, online courses, and coaching professionals who can help you get your foot through the door to a lucrative career and make a major impact in the world. Join the OpenIGO network now.

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